3T MRI Benefits

Black Hills Imaging Center offers 2 high field MRI scanners to meet the needs of our physicians and patients. Both MRI scanners are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the gold seal of quality.  Our images have the quality detail your physician relies on for accurate diagnosis.  Black Hills Imaging Center is a calm and comfortable environment where our skilled staff take the time to listen to your needs and assure your questions are answered.  We have close and convenient parking.

Some of the 3T MRI Benefits are:

  • Clearer Images. Superb fat saturation across the entire field-of-view, allowing for a quality diagnostic scan every time, remaining unsurpassed in image clarity and detail.
  • Greater detail, with superb imaging of ligaments to assess the stability of joints and superior trabecular bone detail and cartilage of imaging.
  • Even with larger field of views for abdomens and pelvis, the signal stays strong creating a more homogeneity image.
  • 3T captures smaller views (as thin as 1mm) and higher definition, thus a more definitive diagnosis on the most complex cases.
  • 3T MR arthograms can detect smaller abnormalities of the shoulder and other joints than lower field strength MRs.
  • 3T can detect serious injuries in the joints that other MRIs may miss. 3T can even show bleeding that occurs with fractures.
  • The 3T delivers the most comprehensive applications in the industry, providing unprecedented diagnostic assessment of anatomy, morphology, physiology and function.
  • Increased resolution provides previously unseen detail for musculoskeletal imaging. Bone structure, cartilage, and tendons and ligaments can be clearly visualized and pathology more easily detected due to its increased image quality.
  • 3T MRI is one of the most sensitive methods for detection of bone infections.