Surgical Hospital

Surgical Hospital
  • Black Hills Surgical Hospital gives every guest and loved ones personal care and attention from the moment you walk through the door.

From every angle Black Hills Surgical Hospital is unlike any other hospital in the region. Here, we believe ‘Happy patients are healthier patients’. That’s why we’ve created a quiet, resort-like atmosphere with a host of guest amenities and the most skilled and caring professionals. So while you’re at Black Hills Surgical Hospital expect 5-star treatment and accommodations. In short, expect us to pull out all the stops for you.

But we’re much more than a warm, beautiful building. Our key focus is, and always will be, quality medical care with first-class service. We are proud to be the first hospital in the area to provide guests with a compassionate staff, first-class hospitality, in-house hospitalists, state-of-art operating rooms and imaging technology, highly skilled clinical staff, and a one nurse to three patient ratio. For the patient this all means personal care and attention, less infections, better pain control, faster recovery, and a shorter length of stay. We are also proud to work with the region’s most prominent physicians and surgeons. Here are a few reasons physicians choose Black Hills Surgical Hospital:

Favored by Insurers

Healthcare experts are finding specialty hospitals, such as Black Hills Surgical Hospital, can provide the efficient service and the most advanced technology—and more patient amenities—all at a lower cost than the older hospital model, which can have higher overhead from dozens of departments and thus a less efficient facility.  For this reason, most insurers favor specialty hospitals as the savings and lower surgical costs are passed on to the insurer.

Serene Environment

Surgery can be stressful, so why make it a worse experience with loud noises, sterile clinical tiled walls, and impersonal care? Additionally, studies have shown a home-like recovery atmosphere leads to faster recovery. That’s why we’ve eliminated those unpleasant “hospital” smells and noises and created a more serene, resort-like environment with exquisite local artwork and warm colors throughout. If you and your families feel more comfortable and relaxed, then you’ll be better prepared for surgery and recovery. 

Personal Care and Attention

Upon entering Black Hills Surgical Hospital’s doors, guests are escorted by an Admission Specialist to a private desk for check-in. After check-in guests are taken to the pre-operative area to be prepared for surgery. During the surgery, loved ones are escorted to the lobby or a private suite where they are welcome to use laptops, DVD players, refreshments, and a host of other amenities. After surgery each guest receives one nurse, access to a hospitalist, and an entire Guest Services team, including a gourmet kitchen, at hand to accommodate every request—all at no extra charge.

Guest Services

While our medical team works diligently to meet your medical needs, our Hospitality Staff is on-hand to provide you and your family with additional touches you might not expect from a traditional hospital. At Black Hills Surgical Hospital, healthcare is about healing patients with first-class service. To us, first-class service includes private step-down and recovery suites with an extra bed for family, made-to-order gourmet meals, various amenities, obtaining personal requests, and personalized nursing attention.

Expert Medical Team

Because it is one of our key drivers in providing high quality care, our focus on specialization cannot be overlooked. Instead of attempting to master hundreds, if not thousands, the Black Hills Surgical Hospital surgical staff focuses on a limited number of surgeries. This specialization allows surgeons, technicians and nurses to develop a level of skills consumers will not find elsewhere and allows them to be the best in their field. The end results are positive patient outcomes with faster recovery and incredibly low infection rates.

Additionally, an Emergency Response Team consisting of a Doctor of Internal Medicine, anesthesiologist, and certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) are on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. If you do develop an emergency condition when a Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy is not present, a registered nurse certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support will assess your condition and begin initial treatment until the Emergency Response Team arrives.

Anesthesia Services

Superior anesthesia services are provided by a team of anesthesia providers comprised of three board certified MD’s and thirteen certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). Each anesthetic is tailored to the individual patient’s need. Special care is exercised to allay anxiety, minimize discomfort and prevent post-operative nausea. Our anesthesia providers know the value of providing superior care, attention to detail and a comfortable anesthetic experience.

Hospitalist Service

Black Hills Surgical Hospital was the first hospital in the area to institute in-house Hospitalists. What is a Hospitalist? It’s a board certified internal medicine physician with special training in post-surgical treatment of the whole patient. Their job is to closely monitor the patient’s progress in order to keep everyone (patient, surgeon, nurses as well as the patient’s primary care doctor) informed of all major decisions made.