Standard Charges

This link provides a listing of our hospital standard charges or “list price”; however this does not reflect the amount you or your insurance company will pay. Most insurance companies establish their own rates which we are obligated to accept and those rates are not based on standard list prices. We utilize a “packaged” billing approach whereby we do not charge for every item used, but rather incorporate numerous standard service and supply items into the procedure code prices. Because of numerous methodologies utilized by insurance companies in processing payments of multiple procedure codes, the aggregate charge from our price list can significantly exceed expected amounts to be paid. Additionally, the benefit arrangement under your insurance you have impacts the amount you owe. This list does not include charges from physicians involved in your care. We encourage you to contact us prior to your procedure and we will be happy to provide an estimate, including a not to exceed amount, that you will owe. We are undertaking efforts to provide your out-of-pocket cost in written form whether requested or not; however, the time between scheduling of your procedure and the date the procedure provided, among other factors, can impact our ability to provide timely written notice. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call us at (605)721-4900 or (800)818-1890 to discuss our fees.